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We use proven and measurable tactics to accomplish our projects on time, with our clients best interests in mind.  We work with our clients in an open environment, we find this is the best way to achieve what it is your brand is trying to say.  

Founder / Creative Design

Reah Jarvis

Founder / Creative Design

My name is Reah Jarvis, growing up in the peace country has taught me many things. I have a strong work ethic and a deeply rooted sense of family values and community. I’ve also learned many things about the industries that allow our economic system to thrive. 

Growing up with a passion for the visual arts, I’ve always been drawn to creative design and technology, digital marketing came as instinct. The never-ending and constantly evolving parameters of the industry continue to enliven me and make my career one that I love. 



Creative Director

Dalen Chmilar

Creative Director

I am one of the few unicorns that can say they were born and raised in Grande Prairie. With a huge passion for being involved with my surrounding community, I have had the great opportunity meeting some tremendous people along the way. Evidently, my strong work ethic can be portrayed when I obtained my Bachelors of Business Management as Marketing Major; during this time I was maintaining a full-time volunteer career while simultaneously taking creative courses on the side. As an abstract artist, I work with a variety of mediums including acrylics, photography, and digital design. I bring creativity to the table when working at Ardent.

Morgan Reid

Lead Strategist & Account Manager

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